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Where to Buy

All of our spirits are available here at the distillery but we know that you can't always visit us when you run out of your favorite Bear Wallow Whiskey so below you will find a list of our current retail partners. Just put in your location and you will be directed to the closest retailer.


We also know that many of our Indiana friends have stores, bars and restaurants where they would like to be able to purchase our whiskeys from but that currently do not carry us so we've added the ability for you to nominate a retailer and the information will go directly to our distributor who will then contact the retailer - please just remember to tell us what whiskey you would like to be able to purchase.


Finally, very few of our retail partners carry everything we make but all of our whiskeys are available to them through our distributor (except our single barrel offerings which are only sold at the distillery) so if you find a store that doesn't carry the whiskey you want don't be afraid to

ask them to order it for you.

search our current retailers

Want bear wallow in your local store? Let us know!

Thanks for your suggestion!

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