Bear Wallow Distillery's Spirits

Handcrafted Artisanal Distilled Spirits

All of Bear Wallow's Artisanal Distilled Spirits are Handcrafted in Small Batches with 100% Indiana Grown Grains sourced from local farmers.

Hoosier Hooch™ Corn Whiskey Moonshine

Hoosier Hooch™ Moonshine is made from 100% Indiana Corn and is bottled at 100 proof. Made legally at the Bear Wallow Distillery in Gnaw Bone Indiana, it is a true example of the kind of moonshine that was made in Indiana prior to prohibition. So for that unique Hoosier experience, pour yourself a glass of liquid corn and enjoy, and please wallow responsibly!

Hoosier Hooch™ Flavored Corn Whiskey Moonshine

Hoosier Hooch™ Flavored Moonshine is made by combining our Indiana Corn Whiskey and all natural flavors to create a smooth, refreshing shine straight out of the jug. Enjoy over ice or with your favorite mixer, and please wallow responsibly!

Hidden Holler Corn Whiskey Moonshine

Made with the first legal still in Brown County, Hidden Holler Moonshine is typical of the kind of whiskey that is known to have been made in southern Indiana illegally since the late 1700's. This handcrafted whiskey is made from Indiana Corn and is an historically accurate example of what the best local farmer/distillers would produce. In the history of Moonshining in Brown County we found a description of a Moonshiner being pursued by the law, and it says, "he escaped by hiding in a hidden hollow in the bear wallow", and now you know how we came up with the name!

Bear Trap Barrel Strength White Whiskey

This barrel strength, Indiana Whiskey is similar to what some call "white dog" or "white mule" because of the "bite" or "kick" the high proof delivers. In keeping with the Bear Wallow theme, we decided to call ours "Bear Trap". Bear Trap Indiana Whiskey is handcrafted with 100% Indiana Grown Grains and the best limestone filtered water in the country. Bear Trap is taken fresh off the old style copper pot still, non-chill filtered and not watered down, for a full-flavor taste and a bite that won't let go. Drink it carefully and as always, "Please Wallow Responsibly!"

Liar's Bench Rye Whiskey

After the Revolutionary War the main drink of the young nation switched from Rum to Rye Whiskey. Rum was identified with Great Britain & the New Americans wanted a drink of their own. At one time George Washington was the largest distiller in the country & the primary spirit he produced was Rye Whiskey. Liar's Bench Whiskey is handcrafted, using Spicy Indiana Rye & is named after the bench that still stands on the Old Courthouse Lawn in Nashville, IN, where it is documented that Moonshiners (and other more prominent town folks) used to hang out.

Gnaw Bone Bourbon Whiskey

Gnaw Bone Bourbon is named after the small town in Indiana where our distillery is located. Using limestone-filtered water and 100% Indiana corn, wheat and malted barley, Gnaw Bone Bourbon is rich in flavor with notes of vanilla, caramel and oak. Our bourbon is non-chilled filtered so that you get the full flavor of this warm spirit. We hope that you will enjoy our hand-crafted small batch bourbon.

Wolf Creek Four Grain Whiskey

Wolf Creek Whiskey is made by combining all four of our Indiana Grains, corn, wheat, rye and malted barley and then aged in used Gnaw Bone Bourbon Barrels. We refill the once used barrels as soon as they are emptied so the whiskey that is soaked into the wood does not have time to evaporate away. This allows the spirits to marry creating a very flavorful, smooth, easy to drink whiskey. Enjoy it neat, on the rocks, or mixed with your favorite drink and please wallow responsibly!

Where to Buy?

You can purchase all of our spirits directly from Bear Wallow Distillery or now in your local Indiana liquor stores!